Serpillo offers an intimate and suggestive culinary experience, where you can indulge in the best that the Italian gastronomy has to offer. Tradition with a sophisticated and modern twist.
Come and join us at Torre del Colle!


The menu is always seasonal, in order to offer you the best from Umbria and beyond, brilliantly combining tradition with innovation.


Indulge in a warm-up drink and appetizers to your dinner by joining us at the Aperitivo in our beautiful hidden garden. Every Sunday evening in August, starting at 7.30 PM. Reservation is mandatory, please call 366 / 71 18 212.

in the dark

Between the months of November and March, every Thursday and Friday evening, Serpillo turns off its lights and lights up the candles. Enjoy a romantic, candle-lit evening at Serpillo. The menu is à la carte and reservation is welcome.

where to find us

You will find us a few feet away from the entrance of the castle that is Torre del Colle, two miles away from Bevagna.

Come and join us at Via di Mezzo 1, 06031 Torre del Colle!
For reservation please call 366 / 71 18 212
We are also available on WhatsApp.

The restaurant is open for dinner from Tuesday through Sunday, starting at 8 PM. On Sundays we are also open for lunch.

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